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To ensure the safety of our clients and to reduce the transmission of Covid-19 within our community, Kopec Cleaning Services guarantees the sterilization of all equipment coupled with the use of disposable products/consumables. All disposable consumables are discarded on-site to avoid any chance of cross-contamination between locations.


Take a look at how our days begin:

  • Before any employee or affiliate is allowed in the office or comes in contact with other staff members, each individual is required to have a temperature check done via a no-touch thermometer. 
  • Once the temperature checkpoint is cleared, hand sanitizer is then used immediately afterward.
  •  Masks are required before any contact is made with other members of the team and/or clients. These masks remain on for the duration of any interaction taking place.
  • All equipment is sanitized along with the company vehicle before the cleaning crew leaves the office for the day. 

                       The health and safety of our clients is our number one priority:

  • All of our cleaning products and protocols are in accordance with CDC guidelines and recommendations.
  • All consumables are disposable and will be discarded on sight.
  • All equipment and company vehicles are sanitized between each client to ensure there is no chance of cross-contamination between locations.
  • Cleaning crews are currently working at a maximum of two staff members per team to minimize person-to-person contact at each location. These assigned pairs will not be separated and will remain working together until further notice.
  • Clients will be working with the same cleaning crew for each scheduled cleaning.
  • All protocols are also utilized when performing client estimates.

Please take note that this is only a brief overview of the precautions that are being taken on a daily basis. If you have any comments or concerns you can contact us via the contact page, email, or phone to answer any questions you may have.